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Published April 1, 2020

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What are the title and lien requirements for manufactured homes?

Title Issues and Lien Requirements

To be eligible for purchase by Fannie Mae:

  • A manufactured home loan must be secured by a perfected lien (or liens) on real property consisting of the manufactured home and the land.
  • The manufactured home must be legally classified as real property under applicable state law, including relevant statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions.

To assist lenders in originating manufactured home loans in various states, Fannie Mae publishes information on titling manufactured homes as real property. Note, this information does not constitute legal advice; lenders must consult their own legal counsel. See Titling Manufactured Housing.

The following requirements are also applicable:

  • The owner of the manufactured home must own the land on which the home is situated.
  • The manufactured home must be attached to a permanent foundation on the land and comply with state and jurisdictional requirements for permanent affixation.
  • A mortgage, deed of trust, or security deed must be recorded in the land records and must identify the encumbered property as including both the home and the land.
  • If applicable state law so permits, any certificate of title to the manufactured home must be surrendered to the appropriate state government authority.
  • If the certificate of title cannot be surrendered, the lender must indicate its lien on the certificate.

Fannie Mae prefers that a loan on the manufactured home and the land on which it is situated be secured by a single lien.

However, it is recognized that some state laws do not provide for a single lien on both the manufactured home and the land. Therefore, a loan documented by a lien on the land evidenced by a mortgage, deed of trust or security deed and by a real property lien on the manufactured home evidenced on the certificate of title or other document is acceptable.

Note: loans in which there is a chattel lien on the home plus a real property lien on the land are unacceptable.

For more information, see B5-2-05, Manufactured Housing Legal Considerations.

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