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A3-1-01, Fannie Mae’s Technology Products (10/06/2021)

This topic provides information on Fannie Mae’s technology products, including:

System Requirements

Fannie Mae’s technology solutions require a standard hardware and software configuration. To ensure that Fannie Mae’s technology tools perform at or above the expected levels as determined by Fannie Mae’s performance baseline testing, the lender may need to upgrade its current computer configuration. Review the equipment configurations presented in Technology Requirements to ensure that you meet or exceed them.

Note: This information does not apply to integration solutions. See Technology Integration for information about lender integration solutions.

Registering for an Application

To become an approved user of any of Fannie Mae’s single-family technology applications, lenders should visit the Technology Manager page for instructions in how to register for an application. Sellers/servicers must execute a Software Subscription Agreement to obtain access to any of Fannie Mae’s technology applications. See Software Subscription Agreement in the Consolidated Technology Guide, for more information.

Operational Setup

Fannie Mae provides assistance to all newly approved lenders to ensure that they are set up properly to conduct business with Fannie Mae. Once a lender is approved as a seller or servicer, a senior Fannie Mae marketing consultant contacts the lender to provide information about establishing bank accounts, getting started with Fannie Mae technology, and taking advantage of relevant training.

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