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B3-4.3-20, Anticipated Savings and Cash-on-Hand (04/01/2009)

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Anticipated Savings

The lender may preliminarily qualify a borrower on the basis that anticipated savings will be sufficient to meet the funds needed for closing. The lender must verify that savings are actually accumulated by the borrower before loan closing.

The estimate for a borrower’s anticipated savings must be realistically developed. To calculate potential saved funds, the lender should reduce the borrower’s expected after-tax income for the expected savings period by existing housing expenses, monthly debt expenses based on data from the credit report, and expected living expenses, such as food, transportation, etc.


Cash-on-hand is not an acceptable source of funds for the down payment or closing costs.

For HomeReady mortgages, cash-on-hand may be considered an acceptable source of funds for the down payment and closing cost. See Chapter B5–6, HomeReady Mortgage.

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