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C2-2-04, Timing of Distribution of Whole Loan Purchase Proceeds (05/04/2022)

This topic describes the timing of Fannie Mae’s funding of loans it purchases, including:

Timing of Distribution of Proceeds for Regularly Amortizing Mortgages

Fannie Mae will fund the purchase proceeds for whole loan deliveries of regularly amortizing mortgages provided the following procedure has already occurred:

  • lender has electronically submitted clean, error-free loan delivery data through Loan Delivery by 9:00 p.m. (Eastern time),

  • the document custodian has received a complete and accurate mortgage document submission package from a lender by first morning delivery the following day, and

  • the document custodian has certified the mortgage document submission package.

Following the funding of the purchase proceeds the loan status in Loan Delivery will be "Purchased and Funded."

Impact of Late Submissions of Required Data and Documentation

If the required delivery data and documentation are not received by the applicable cutoff time, Fannie Mae will disburse the purchase proceeds on the business day following the date it receives these materials, assuming they are in order and the mortgage is eligible for purchase.

Early Funding Options

Fannie Mae offers approved lenders the ability to receive funding at earlier points in the process. For information on Fannie Mae’s Early Funding Options and Loan Delivery, the application lenders use to submit requests for early funding, see Fannie Mae’s website or contact the Capital Markets Pricing and Sales Desk (see  E-1-02, List of ContactsE-1-02, List of Contacts).

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