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B3-5.3-04, Inquiries: Recent Attempts to Obtain New Credit (04/01/2009)

This topic contains information on inquiries: recent attempts to obtain new credit.

Inquiries: Recent Attempts to Obtain New Credit

The lender must review the section of the borrower’s credit report that indicates the presence of creditor inquiries to determine the number and recency of the inquiries.

Recent inquiries may indicate that the borrower has been actively seeking new credit accounts. The presence of a large number of unrelated inquiries represents higher credit risk (whether or not the borrower actually obtained credit as a result of the inquiry). The presence of many recent inquiries in combination with a significant number of recently opened accounts or delinquent accounts represents a high credit risk.

When the credit report indicates that recent inquiries took place, the lender must confirm that the borrower has not obtained any additional credit that is not reflected in the credit report or the mortgage application. If additional credit was obtained, a verification of that debt must be provided and the borrower must be qualified with the monthly payment.

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