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B3-3.3-06, Income or Loss Reported on IRS Form 1040, Schedule F (04/01/2009)

This topic contains information on income or loss reported on IRS Form 1040, Schedule F.

Income or Loss Reported on IRS Form 1040, Schedule F

Income received from farming is calculated on IRS Form 1040, Schedule F, and transferred to IRS Form 1040.

Note: Other income on Schedule F may represent income that is not obtained from the borrower’s farming operations.

The lender may need to make certain adjustments to the net income amount that was transferred to IRS Form 1040. For example, certain federal agricultural program payments, co-op distributions, and insurance or loan proceeds are not fully taxable, so they would not be reported on IRS Form 1040. These income sources may or may not be stable or continuous and could be a one-time occurrence.

If the lender verifies that the net income amounts that were transferred to IRS Form 1040 are stable, consistent, and continuing, the borrower’s cash flow must be adjusted by the nontaxable portion of any recurring income from these sources. Otherwise, the income must be deducted from the borrower’s cash flow.

The lender can adjust the borrower’s cash flow by adding the amount of any deductions the borrower claimed on Schedule F for depreciation, amortization, casualty loss, depletion, or business use of their home.

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