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B1-1-02, Blanket Authorization Form (04/01/2009)

This topic provides the Blanket Authorization form.

Blanket Authorization Form

The lender obtains the borrower’s signature on the following Blanket Authorization form to obtain the documentation needed to evaluate the borrower’s creditworthiness.

This borrower-signed document gives the lender blanket authorization to request the information needed to document the borrower’s creditworthiness. I hereby authorize ___________________________ (the “lender”) to verify my past and present employment earnings records, bank accounts, stock holdings, and any other asset balances that are needed to process my mortgage loan application. I further authorize ______________________ (the “lender”) to order a consumer credit report and verify other credit information, including past and present mortgage and landlord references. It is understood that a photocopy of this form also will serve as authorization. The information the lender obtains is only to be used in the processing of my application for a mortgage loan.

The lender attaches a copy of the Blanket Authorization form to each Form 1005 or Form 1006 sent to a verifying institution. The information must be requested directly from the institution. The completed form(s) must be signed and dated, and must be sent directly from the verifying institution.

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